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A-Solution Plumbing contributes an outstanding locally available service for plumbing repair, new plumbing installations, and affordable maintenance in Mabank, Texas; as well as specifically in Mabank, Texas. Whether the plumbing services are residential or commercial, we will do top-quality work that we can stand behind. Our stellar old fashioned customer service is top-notch and we provide knowledge and instructions on all new install services you hire us for. Quality products and services are our specialties. A-Solution Plumbing has been in business for over 12 years and is extremely knowledgeable in the plumbing and plumbing repair industry that include Mabank, Texas (and surrounding cities) as areas of coverage.


Why We Have The Best Plumbers

Our plumbing repairs are professionally completed, whether it is a toilet or a faucet, or a new fixture that needs installation, we can repair it, maintain it, or install it on behalf of our Mabank, TX patrons. Plumbing maintenance is great for making sure you don't need repairs in the future. Plumbing installations are an effective new way to start fresh and have peace-of-mind that your plumbing systems are in the best condition for your property in Mabank, Texas; or even the surrounding areas.

Where & How We Can Help

We proudly provide residential and commercial plumbing services to the following communities: Mabank, TX, Gun Barrel City, TX, Eustance, TX, Payne Springs, TX, Enchanted Oaks, TX, Tool, Seven Points, TX, Aley, TX, Kemp, TX, Athens, TX, Oak Grove, TX, Kaufman, TX, Canton, TX, Trinidad, TX, Wentworth, TX, and surrounding areas. If you're unsure if A-Solution Plumbing serves your area, please don’t hesitate to contact us by phone or email.

Our Plumbing Repairs & Maintenance




Professional Plumbing Services

Often, when you are a property owner in Mabank, TX or the surrounding areas and are in need of plumbing services, you don’t have much time to research the perfect plumbing company. You need a local Mabank, TX plumber who is timely, honest, knowledgeable, experienced and friendly. You need a reputable plumbing to quickly assess and repair your plumbing issue at a reasonable price. A-Solution Plumbing would be honored to be your choice. Our licensed professionals are trustworthy and knowledgeable. Our expectations are very high when performing plumbing repairs for Mabank, TX properties or other communities. Only 1 in 20 recruits are hired by A-Solution Plumbing. When you call A-Solution Plumbing, you can expect the best!

Slab/Water Leaks

Knowing the status of possible water leak issues plaguing your property in Mabank, Texas or a surrounding region, can help you avoid potential emergency plumbing problems and unexpected expenses. There are few plumbing problems a Mabank, TX home might encounter that present more difficulties than a slab leak. These leaks can occur in the concrete foundation by hot or cold water lines (around 80% are in the hot water lines). Slab leaks lead to extensive water waste and can cause expensive foundation damage. Slab leaks are difficult to locate and reach. Skilled plumbers familiar with plumbing systems in/around Mabank, TX can use a variety of methods to fix a slab leak once they know its location. Using a jackhammer to dig directly down is one option, but plumbers can often use lateral tools to avoid excavation and instead install new pipes that bypass the leaking section.

Drain Clog Services

Drain clogs are common for most plumbing systems that support local properties in Mabank, TX or surrounding communities. Regular use of plumbing systems, whether it be toilets, washing machines or kitchen sinks, can create a clog in the system. This may have an effect on your water pressure. In order to know what kind of clog you have, a camera inspection from a professional plumber is required. Once we determine where the clog is, and have an idea of the type of material that created the clog, we will know how to unclog the system and get the plumbing system functioning properly for your Mabank, TX home or business. A camera inspection will also show any cracks or separations in your plumbing that could cause additional issues. You may also need a camera inspection if your sink doesn’t drain properly. You may discover leaks under the foundation, or that your toilet does not flush completely.

Sewer & Drain Services

Water and drain lines will be checked on the washing machine, dishwasher, and ice maker. The condensation drain line on the air-conditioner will be visually inspected. The reason for the plumbing inspection is to give you peace of mind that your plumbing system is working properly and not leaking.

Sewer Cleaning Services

A-Solution Plumbing provides comprehensive sewer cleaning services on behalf of local properties immediately in Mabank, Texas and further abroad. We work on main lateral lines connecting your home to a municipal sewer system or septic sytem, clearing blockages and repairing damaged lines. Homeowners and businesses are responsible for maintaining their sewer lines. Lateral sewer lines should be inspected every 5-10 years. If A-Solution Plumbing finds a problem with your line, we will diagnose the issue and present the right solution for your home or business.

Water Main Services

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All-Inclusive Plumbing Inspections




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Water Heater Inspections

This is the most important inspection, since a poorly working water heater can increase the utility bill for your Mabank, TX business or surrounding areas home! We will check the shut-off and pressure relief valves and the electrical and/or gas connections. The water heater will be inspected for corrosion, leaks and the integrity of the flue pipe and burner, if it is an LP or gas-powered unit. At A-Solution Plumbing, we install and service all types Water Heaters for local properties in Mabank, Texas: Rheem, Navien, Rinnai and Bradford White. Our new water heater installation is a complete package. We will make sure you get the right water heater for your home and the best option for your needs.

Gas Line Inspections

For your gas lines system to satisfy local safety regulations and codes in Mabank, TX (or surrounding areas), it must be designed and installed by licensed, professional plumbers. We use only high quality, code approved materials when installing such systems, from the pipes to the connectors and all the rest. We will make sure you have the hookups you need, and that your system distributes the natural gas throughout your home safely. A-Solution Plumbing makes the safety of you and your family a priority. Your safety should never be at risk. If you have any reason to think that your natural gas lines are compromised, call your gas company immediately, day or night, and then give A-Solution Plumbing a call, day or night for your gas line inspection needs in Mabank, TX or in the surrounding areas. Natural gas leaks are very serious and your safety could be at risk.

Toilet Inspections

Our professionals that happily serve the Mabank, Texas communities will check each commode in your house to see if they are in good working order. We will inspect the supply line, angle stop, ballcock, flapper, and the flush valve to determine the best course of action towards bettering your Mabank, TX property's plumbing system. A dye test will determine if there are leaks and if anything in the tank needs to be repaired or replaced.

Sink Inspections

We will check all of your sinks; be they in a residential property in Mabank, Texas or a commercial business in the surrounding communities, respectively. Checks will be made on the supply lines, angle stops, waste lines, faucets, and drains. These are checked for clogs, leaks, signs of previous leaks and any disposal or water filtration system that may be installed.

Annual Plumbing Inspections

When you need a plumbing inspection performed in your home or business, whether it's in Mabank, TX or the surrounding areas, we can determine if there are problems and offer solutions. When ignored, problems like small leaks and obstacles in the sewer can become larger problems that require replacement of equipment. Request your first inspection from A-Solution Plumbing today by selecting “Annual Inspection” in the form, and we will contact you to schedule it. A professional inspection of your pipes and fixtures may uncover issues that you may not be aware of before they become severe, saving you money in the long run and safeguards your Mabank, TX property against future mishaps. We will contact you each year when its time for your next Inspection. A-Solution Plumbing has built a reputation as the premier service provider for industrial, residential and commercial plumbing services in and around Henderson, Van Zandt, Dallas and Ellis counties.

Bathtub & Shower Inspections

Our plumbing professionals, in their plumbing diligence for Mabank, TX or surrounding areas systems, will check the faucets, drains, and the showerhead for leaks and the drain assembly for functionality. Shower pans, if present, can be tested for leaks also.

Water Heater Installations & More




Water Heater Replacements

A-Solution Plumbing Company is proud to offer quality installations for water heaters and water filtration systems for properties in both Mabank, Texas and throughout all of the surrounding areas. If your water heater isn’t leaking it might be able to be repaired, if the cost of the repair does not exceed the cost of a replacement.

Gas Water Heaters

If you have a gas water heater, A-Solution Plumbing’s team has experience with gas water heaters of all types that support properties immediately in Mabank, Texas and abroad. We will let you know what the problem is up front, and if your water heater needs to be repaired or replaced. If it’s not leaking, it might be cheaper to repair it. We may be able to replace the control valves and/or burner assemblies and postpone a new purchase.

Electric Water Heaters

Call A-Solution Plumbing to work on the electric water heater that supports your local property either in Mabank, TX or the surrounding areas. We will always let you know what the problem is up front, and if your water heater needs to be repaired or replaced. If it’s not leaking you might be able to repair it. Your electric water heater may just need a thermostat or heating element replaced. At A-Solution Plumbing, we will give you options so you know what’s best for you and your local Red Oak, Texas property's overall betterment.

Tankless Water Heaters

We install and service all types of Water Heaters and Tankless Water Heaters at the behest of our valued customers here in the Mabank, Texas region. A new water heater installation is a complete package. We will ensure you get the right water heater for your home and the best option for your needs.

Water Filtration Systems

Safeguarding not only your potable water but also the water used for more mundane tasks, such as cleaning & bathing, is extremely important for the health of your home's denizens. In light of this, we've worked studiously over the years to provide expert installation services for local filtration systems.

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