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Garbage Disposal “Do’s and Don’ts”

In today’s world, a garbage disposal is a necessity. Let’s face it, your disposal makes life easier. On today’s’s Blog, we are going to give some garbage disposal maintenance “Do’s and Don’ts”.

Never grind up potato peelings, banana peels, egg shells or coffee grounds in the garbage disposal. These items create havoc for your disposal and shorten the life span of the machine. Fat or grease is also a big “No-No”.

Here’s a funny one, don’t laugh too hard… but listen folks, please do NOT put broken glass in your disposal. We have heard of people literally doing this and have even seen it live and in person one time! The disposal ultimately had to be replaced. Glass does NOT sharpen the blades or clean the drains and it is awfully hard to get out as well. What DOES clean a disposal very well is a mixture of baking soda and vinegar. Do not turn on the disposal, just let the vinegar and soda settle in the drain for a minute. When it starts foaming, rinse it out with hot water.

Regular maintenance of your disposal should also consist of grinding up small pieces of orange or lemon peel mixed with ice cubes every 3-4 weeks. The ice actually helps sharpen the blades and remove accumulation of any food waste.

Hope these “Do’s and Don’ts” tips help, and remember, if you have questions, always call a professional at A-Solution Plumbing!

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