Drain & Sewer

When you need to replace a plumbing line, A-Solution Plumbing will give you the best solutions.

Drain Lines

If your toilet is bubbling or you notice changes in the water level, you probably have a clogged or improperly vented toilet, especially if there is a clothes washer nearby.

If your drain or toilet is clogged, you may have a main sewer line clog.

Signs that your sewer line may be broken or damaged

  1. Sewage backups and blockages
  2. Sewer gas odor
  3. Mold problem
  4. Slow drain
  5. Extra green patches in the lawn
  6. Indentation in tthe lawn or under pavers
  7. Foundation cracks, settlement, or sinkholes
  8. Septic waste pooling in Yard
  9. Rodent or insect problem

If you experience any of these issues, call A-Solution Plumbing to have our licensed professionals inspect you sewer lines as soon as possible. We pride ourselves in providing the highest quality sewer repairs.

Sump Pump Service

A sump pump is necessary in some homes and businesses – especially if you have plumbing in an area below the sanitary sewer line. The sump pump is used to pump water from the lower area to the outside, or to the house or business drainage system. We can install or service any type of sump pump, and insure your drain lines are clear and installed properly.

Some sump pumps are built with pressure sensors or float activators.  Most sump pumps use electricity and don’t require special wiring.

Here are a few of the many reasons you may need a sump pump.

  1. To keep your basement or crawlspace dry, you need a sump pump that will automatically remove water, to prevent unhealthy mold and mildew caused by occasional standing water.
  2. If your basement or crawl space sometimes floods unexpectedly, some sump pumps can alert you by cell phone so you can call A-Solutions Plumbing and prevent a catastrophe.
  3. A sump pump that keeps your basement or crawl space dry is attractive to buyers because your home is more likely to be structurally sound.  It might also raise your property value.
  4. If your commercial building is near an aquifer, lake or pond, a sump pump can stabilize the soil, and in turn keep the building stable.

A-Solution Plumbing professionals are experienced in Sump Pump installations and drain line repair.

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